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Song explains it all.

Jack of all Trades. Appreciate everything he did for everyone.

Everyone loves him. He’s a nice guy.


The facts are there

Kick him to the curb, I did.

Julien again

Okay so Julien? Were to begin? Oh Facebook. He posted a texted conversation that he and I had about the surprise I gave him as work. Delivered pizza to his job. Before all this happened, he yelled at me (fk u!) awhile back because he couldn’t take my generosity: giving him the manager manual at work he needed. So while I’m being nice and thoughtful for three months , he post a tete - tete on Facebook as 20 comment appeared making me look bad when they don’t know the real julien. This guy has some episodes …I’m like…Dude check yourself before. ..oh wait to late you got caught thanks to my connections. Julien is no hero, he is a zero.

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I agree with Mason on a spiritual level

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Just try not to die…

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